What Trustees Need To Know

The IRS rules for Estates and Trusts are complicated, and guidance on new laws is issued regularly.  The Enrolled Agents at BBT&A will manage your Estate or Trust’s tax filing requirements, keep you compliant with IRS law, and work to minimize your tax liability.


What Tax and Accounting Services do you need?

Tax Filings: Decedent Returns, Estate Returns, Trust Returns

Payroll: Payroll and direct-deposit for caregivers and filing with Local and Federal agencies

Tax Planning: Advice on timing of income and deductions and placement of taxable income


Why choose BBT&A for your Estate and Trust tax needs?

  • Our Enrolled Agents are licensed to represent our clients to the IRS in all 50 US States
  • We specialize in the extra care and attention that Special Needs Trusts require
  • Our effective tax planning strategies will save you money
  • For 23 years, BBT&A has been serving the needs of Estate and Trust clients
  • Our East and West Coast clients appreciate our low Mid-west rates